Holidays All Wrapped Up? 3 Tips That Will Help You Get Ahead For Next Year’s Season

Written by Gina Clarke

Chances are that if you own a small business then time off over the holidays isn’t always possible, and while you’re busy cooking the turkey those thoughts of ‘Should I? Could I?’ always seem to interrupt.

Research has repeatedly shown that consumers trust and like small businesses more than large ones– in fact, 66% reported high confidence in small businesses to Gallup, five times the number confident in large companies. Consumers love small businesses for their ties to the local community, their unique offerings, their attentive customer service, and their job creation power, among many other reasons.

But there are challenges associated with the small shopper, especially at Christmas when logistics, shipping times and the personal touch are often fraught with many more complications. So what can the small business harness do to make the holidays seem like a gift to themselves? And is it too soon to be thinking about 2019 already?

Not in my book, so why not stay in the festive mood all year round with my top tips listed below. Here’s a list that can save you time and money, no matter the season…..READ MORE

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