Another Challenge, Another Success!

Another batch of goals accomplished! ????This was & still is a very successful campaign! We were thrown this project a week before it was out but managed to come out with a small plan to roll it out. 

The Results? Within JUST a week we were able to accomplish:

– The most views this artist has ever seen. 24,000 views and counting (rapidly)
– Youtube subscribers up by 12,750% (YES, by that much)
– Boosted Instagram engagement up by over 20% during this campaign
– Instagram following is up by a couple hundred as well
– This is organic reach so were able to really understand that audience even more

Team work definitely makes the dream work! Check out this official music video by our latest client, Fire Fajeeta. This is definitely something to “Talk About”. Can’t wait for what’s next! Happy Friday! ????????????

Follow him at @firefajeeta to see what else we’ve done!

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